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Z203: Games Party Packs
Category: Z2
No Pieces: 90
***Egg and Spoon***
8 x egg halves
4 x egg yolks
4 x spoons
1 x Raeco bag

***Parachute, elastics, toss across, pin the tail***
1 x parachute
1 x parachute bag
1 x toss across blue board

1 x Raeco bag
1 x parachute games instructions
4 x medium bean bags
1 x elastics
1 x elastics instructions
1 x toss across instructions
6 x toss across blue bean bags
1 x pin the tail blindfold

6 x batons
6 x 3-leg race straps

***Party Ribbons***
6 x party ribbons
1 x Raeco bag

4 x catch-a-cups
1 x Raeco bag

***Skipping ropes***
4 x skipping ropes
1 x Raeco bag

***Jumping sacks***
5 x jumping sacks
1 x Raeco bag

***Bowling Set***
6 x Bowling Pins
1 x bowling ball
1 x Raeco bag

***Stilt Set***
8 x Stilts
1 x Raeco Bag

1 x box
1 x lid

Age: 3+ years
Loan Type: GOLD STAR

Hire Toys are $25.00 for 8 days (or one week hire).

Storage: Box and Lid

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